Box 190, Faro, Y.T. Canada Y0B 1K0 (867) 994-3102
How far are the Cabins from the house?
You are about 200 meters from the house and 50 meters from
the outhouse. You will enjoy privacy while being close enough
to the house and its amenities.
Do I have to stay in the Tent Cabin all the time?
Not at all. Our guests are always welcome in the house
between 8:30 am and 9:30 pm. We have a big living room
with a collection of northern books and movies, a DVD player
and Internet.
Are the mosquitoes bad?
If the weather is overcast and warm, they can be a nuisance.
But we enjoy many days of dry sunny weather in the Yukon!
And a little bug repellent will keep them away.  
Do you have animals? 
We have 3 horses, 3 Llamas and 8 dogs. They are not fenced
in and are are free to roam. They are very friendly and safe.
Is the Tent Cabin safe?
Wildlife sometimes walks trough our property, mostly at night,
but we have several loose dogs that will quickly chase away
any wild animal that lingers around. So, yes, the Tent Cabin is
Are children welcome?
Can we bring pets?
Please check with us to make sure that it will be a good fit with
our animals.
How remote and far from help are you?
The Farm is 15 km (10 miles) away from the Town of Faro.
Faro has a nursing station, an ambulance service and an
airport from which patients are flown to Whitehorse General
Hospital in case of need.